Monthly Archives: July 2007

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Milestones Plans

We’ve put the finishing touches on our new First Year Plans. We had offered the same baby plans for almost 12 years and frankly they were a bit outdated. Our new plans incorporate some of our newest and most loved products.  I’m so excited to start these new programs that we will be offering $50 [...]

Beautiful summer day!

Our weather this week has been just fabulous and these little ladies allowed me to get outside and enjoy some sunshine with them this morning. It was very hard to choose just a few to share – they did a great job.

Lets hear it for the boys!

These two guys are growing like weeds! They don’t live close by anymore so we only get to see them about once a year. It’s amazing what a difference twelve little months can make.

Fall Colors Fading Fast (the appointments – that is)

It’s amazing to think that Fall is just around the corner but it will certainly be here before we know it. Family images with the fall colors in the background are always favorites. If you’ve been thinking of a Fall Colors family portrait session NOW is the time to call! Our Fall calendar is filling [...]

Pure joy…

Ten little fingers…

Ten little toes…

8 lbs 12 ounces of Pure Joy!
Congratulations Mom, Dad and Big Sister! She’s beautiful!

Goodbye tree! (a.k.a. Free Firewood)

The strong storms last week claimed our biggest oak tree. When we arrived home the firetrucks were already leaving and the crane was getting set to remove the monster tree from the sea of power lines that it had been growing within.  Luckily Mother Nature had enough kindness to send the tree over in a [...]

A little peek for dad…

End of Summer

The end of summer is quickly appraoching. Did you know there are only about 5 weeks left before classes begin again. My son is entering 1st grade this Fall and got his first taste of what having a summer off of school is all about. He loves school but I’m starting to get the sense [...]

A Bit of Personality

We’ve had a lot of fun lately working with our multi-image panels. These panels are a great way to take home “a few of the rest” after you have selected the main series of images for your wall displays. A collection of images placed together is always a great way to capture a little bit [...]

A few snapshots…

We spent a few days last week visiting my sister and braving the 4th of July crowds in Chicago. My point & shoot battery gave out so no pics on my camera but luckily my sister always has hers handy. Here are a few snapshots from our visit compliments of Auntie Erin.

Shortly after the [...]