Monthly Archives: October 2007

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Color everywhere…

It took it a long time to arrive but the fall color finally popped and this weekend we were lucky enough to be out photographing in it. It’s fun when the color is all around – everywhere from up in the tress to carpetting the ground. Here are some images from the weekend.

Captain Jake

Here are a few images from our pirate project. We’ve got a bunch of fun plans for these and the rest of the pirate pictures we captured a few days back.

We’d love to know which one is your favorite. Please let us know by leaving a comment or sending us an [...]

Session Openings for Leaf Pictures!!! and more…

Session Openings – UPDATE – All full, thanks!
We figured this would be the best place to tell everyone about some last minute openings for sessions with the leaves. Since last weekend was so nice we had a few requests to move sessions up which opened a few prime spots this week (including two spots on [...]

I’ve been blog tagged…

A game of tag has been making the rounds on blogs.  If you aren’t 
familiar with this if you’ve been “tagged” it is your turn to share 8 
things about yourself that others might not know and then tag a few 
others to do the same.  I have been tagged by Alisopn Bickel, a fellow 
photographer from Nebraska.  I [...]

Couldn’t ask for a better afternoon!

Today was the perfect afternoon for outdoor portraits. An overcast sky gives us some of the most flattering portrait light. Here’s the proof!

The “boys” waited the whole session for the chance to show off their muscles! I love it!


I think that one word sums up the spirit of this little gal. We had lots of fun during her session this morning. Just a couple years ago she wasn’t sure she was all that crazy about the whole “picture taking thing”. Today she ready to go from the moment she hopped out of the [...]

Can’t help but smile…

…when you look at the pictures of this family having fun together.

Catching up….

I’ve got a lot to share from recent sessions. Here we go:
I love this series from this family’s recent session. The kiss from the little guy added a fun spontaneous moment and resulted in some laughs.

Next a totally different style family portrait – love the sparkling smiles!

We’ve had a run of little ladies at the [...]

Perfect Portrait Weather

This weather the fall has been great for our outdoor famiy sessions and I hope it lasts.We try to stretch that outdoor season as long as possible but we know that it is quickly coming to an end. If you’ve been considering a fall session be sure to call ASAP – before the leaves dissapear!
Some [...]

Catching Up!

It’s just that time of year again when it gets really crazy and I’ve fallen a bit behind on adding new images to the blog. Her we go with some recent favorites:
This little lady visited for her first birthday – what a sweetie

She is a girl after my own heart – loves the frosting!!!