Monthly Archives: January 2008

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2 years old!

  Ok – so she’s not actually two years old – in fact she’s not even close. She has, however, figured out early how to embody the essence of a two year old. Shes’ quick on her feet and has a mind of her own but every now and then she’ll go along with our [...]


You can just feel the playful energy this little gal brings with her when she enters a room. While the smiles are what she wears most of the time I love how her eyes just pop out of the images where she has a more subdued expression.

Crawlin’ any day now…

It’s only a matter of time before this little gal starts crawling – and you can tell already she going to be a fast one! Big sis is definitely going to have her hands full keeping this little gal out of her toys!

3 months young…

This little gal’s parents brought in several heirloom items to include in her session – mom’s baby blanket, dad’s baby blanket, Christening items handed down and made by family members. While they’re beautiful today, just imagine how priceless these images are going to be years down the road.

Winter Babies

This is the time of year when we see lots of brand new babies. This year, with the exception of Joy’s little boy Theo, all of the babies we’ve seen this year are girls! Here are some of my favorites from a  little sweetie we photographed last week.

I love this tender moment with [...]

Brother & Sis’

One of the things I love most to capture is the relationship between siblings – especially the teens & tweens. It’s the age when it’s no longer “cool” to admit that you love your siblings so I like to get them nice and cozy – it always brings out a giggle or two. These two [...]

Once upon a time…

There is a neat little story to go along with this post:
Earlier this month we photographed a fun session for a lovely little lady that really enjoys being photographed. When it was time to pick the favorites her mom selected the image below for their wall portrait and went home to search for the perfect [...]

We survived!

Yes we did – we survived our first ever roller skating “kid party” at Super Skate – and we had a great time. It seemed pretty choatic but I think all the children were delivered safely back to their parents – when all was said and done I considered that a total success. Joy joined [...]

Toddlers, toddlers everywhere…

It seems like almost all of the sessions last week were kiddos that had just learned to walk – or should I say run! This makes for some pretty crazy sessions but the results are always some great images full of personality. This little gal had the cutest little grin but I think my favorites [...]

Web Site Updated!

I finally found some time to overhaul the studio web site. Kept some old favorites and added all sorts of fun new images!  If you’ve got some time to kill, stop by and have a look!