Monthly Archives: June 2008

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Quiet and playful..

One of the challenges of photographing children is trying to bring out the different sides of their personalities. From contemplative to playful, each child has so many different looks to capture. With these siblings we got great images of both sides of their personalities.
First the quiet…

Then the playful…


So grown up…

I think this little beauty was less than three months old the first time her mom brought her in to be photographed. It’s just amazing to see how grown up she is these days. Makes a gal feel old!


This good looking group stopped by for some updated portraits. I’m loving their sparkly eyes!

Catching Up!

We’ve fallen a bit behind of showcasing recent images here on the blog – time to get caught up!
A little gal from a couple weeks back!

Please don’t forget them…

It’s Monday. A new week. Get up with the alarm. Wake Jacob up, make sure he gets dressed, eats breakfast, brushes his teeth. Shower, get ready, give a kiss goodbye and drop Jacob off at day camp. Head to my Monday morning gathering with friends. We chat for a while and head off in our [...]

Brother & Sis’

These little ones visited for someupdated portraits last week. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this little gal and wow has she grown – and it seems like her brother was just born but he’s already over 9 months old. Amazing how time flies!

Newbie again…

This little gal came to us while she was brand new – only a few days old – which meant she was still pretty “bendy”. She let us get away with quite a bit.



Normally we see a rush of newborns in Janaury and February. This year we’re seeing summer babies which is fun! Here is one of the latest little newborns to visit. It took him a little while to fall asleep but once he did we grabbed a bunch of fun images.

I Do… Parts 3&4

I’m going to try & hurry to get these posted before we lose Internet service again. So not many words, mainly pics!


Running from the rain!

That’s all for now. Thanks Mr & Mrs! We look forward to showing you the entire collection of images soon!


I Do…Sneak Peek Part 2

My plan had been to have the rest of the sneak peek from our recent wedding all ready to post tonight. After several hours of continuous editing I finally came to terms with the fact that we just took too many images to get through in one sitting. Tonight we will post part 2 – [...]