Monthly Archives: September 2008

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Early Release and In-Service Days

We’ve hit that time of year where many of the weekend and evening sessions have filled in making it a little harder to find times for family & children’s sessions. Luckily, we still have openings on many of the school in service or early release dates. The schedule below shows the early release and days off [...]

**Parents of Growing Years Children**

Are you confused? So are we!!! There seems to have been a huge amount of miscommunication concerning this weeks pictures at Growing Years Childcare. For some reason, it appears that the informational letter and order envelopes that were delivered to the center last week did not make it  into the hands of many parents. We [...]

Halloween {Fall} Quick Pics – Oct 30 3-6pm – By appointment

Yea! We have found a date to squeeze in our annual Fall Quick Pics! With our crazy schedule I wasn’t sure there would be room but we shuffled a few things around and carved out a few hours in the book!
As in past years, the Fall Quick Pic will be available for groups of up to [...]

Mommy time, daddy time…

One of the special things we get the priveledge to capture is the unmistakeable bond between a parent and a child. It’s something that is there from day one and just grows and grows with each passing day. I can’t imagine memories more precious than these.

It’s family time…

This is the time of year when we swing into full-on family portrait mode. It’s fun to see how all the kids have grown and changed. It’s also a little bit like Christmas each day when we get to inspect everyone’s 2008 holiday cards as they arrive. Fun, fun, fun!
Here are some favorites from a [...]

Middle Sis’

This young gal stopped by the morning after her birthday party. She was reeaaalllly excited about wearing a special outfit she had received as a birthday gift. Can you guess which outfit it was?

Little Sis’

I’m not a big fan of knowing that fall is on the way simply because it means that winter is close behind – but the fact that fall is right around the corner does have it’s perks! It’s the time of year that we get to catch up with a lot of our special little [...]


I wasn’t kidding when I said there have been a lot of babies around here lately. Here is a little bundle that was in a little while back. I love the one with all three hands – how precious!

Babies, babies, babies…

Usually we see a ton of newborns in January but we’ve had a second rush of little ones recently. This guy is a cutie and his sister is just as irresistable.

A little wedding action…

…well not exactly a wedding per se… but wedding clothes all the same. These young siblings had the priviledge of being involved in a summer wedding and mom decided it would be a great time to capture some updated portraits. The last one is my favorite – we always like to get a little silly [...]