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{Happy Thanksgiving}

Wishing you all a very happy & healthy Turkey Day (or Tofurky Day for all of our vegetarian friends )
The studio will be closed until Tuesday Dec 2nd while we all spend time with our families!
Here are a few images from our busy, busy short week…
Could he be any cuter?


You may not believe it [...]

{birthday girl}

The beautiful young gal celebrated her 9th birthday last weekend! Happy Birthday!


Just makes you want to squish those little cheeks. Have I mentioned that I love photographing newborns???


No need for words here – I think the sparkle in their eyes says it all…

Back to bloggin’

I know the blog has been quiet lately! It’s been production central here at the studio – prints, wall portraits, frames and holiday cards all over the place. We’ve just about passed the holiday cutoff dates so it should  get back to normal around here soon!
On that note – if you have not yet ordered cards and [...]

{stunning, just plain stunning}

Anyone want to guess why I love these two images so much?

{attention expecting mommies}

Recently I posted some holiday closings and forgot to mention that I will be scheduling *newborns only* during the dates listed. I feel so strongly about capturing newborns within the first 10 days that I’d much rather to give up a vacation day to work in a newborn session than delay a newborn past that [...]

{not one typo, not two typos, yeah – it had three typos}

Anyone who reads this blog regularly is probably already well aware of the fact that my typing skills are pretty bad – and the fact that my proofreading skills are even worse. Luckily, after about 3 months I finally found the spell check on my little blog admin thingy so these days typos are usually [...]

{photographer’s prayer}

I recently became involved with a project that is both rewarding and heartbreaking at the same time. I was introduced to this prayer a while ago but it definitely took on a new meaning after becoming involved in this particularproject. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when drawing on a strength other than your own.
The Photographers Prayer
Oh God, as [...]

{2008 Scheduling Update & Other Important Stuff :) }

It seems crazy but we are almost to the end of our 2008 schedule book – how did that happen so quickly? Here are a few updates we wanted to pass along.

Since we bumped up several sessions during our last little burst of nice weather we actually have a few spots left available [...]